Called MVPC in February and Kevin came out in no time at all. Dealt with the issues in my garage and outhouse the same day. he then returned  a couple more times and my problem rats were dealt with. Really nice chap and always on time and very pleasant Chris, Chessington

Called Kevin In June this year as we had rats in our garden. It was obvious ( to him ) where they were coming from and he got straight to work.  He went far beyond what I expected and even contacted neighbouring properties to get to the bottom of the problem.  Really impressed with his enthusiasm ,professionalism and knowledge. Thanks Katy

Kevin came to our address within hours of a telephone call and the nest was inactive within hours. A really professional, quick and thorough job. Will always use this company in future, and is a lot cheaper than most. Great job. Dave, Fetcham.

Called Kevin out in April as I have had squirrels in my loft for a number of years and previous attempts by other pest controllers had caught the squirrels but they were unable to stop them coming in as I live in the 3rd floor. Kevin caught the squirrels within 2 weeks and has managed to block the hole in the facia board where they were getting in. First class job, always on time and extremely professional.

Steve, Reigate


Noticed we had big holes appearing in certain clothes and what looked like wearing of our carpets.  Also had these small rusty coloured moths climbing up our walls in certain rooms. Although we did get rid of some of our carpets Kevin sprayed all areas of the house and did in fact come back and spray on a second occasion, but this was some months back and we haven`t seen a moth since. This guy is so tenacious and doesn`t miss a thing. Thank you so much.

Alison Ashtead


We had a massive problem with them in our garden and in the loft space. The loft was sorted within a week and although the garden went on for some weeks Kevin managed to catch 24 all dispatched humanely.  Kevin also “proofed” our loft space and we haven`t had one back since.

Highly recommended.

A, Kingston area


Amazing job by Kevin. Had rats getting into our kitchen for some time and although we caught a few in traps we never really gained control of them. Kevin used an endoscopic camera to locate a hole under our freezer in the floor boards were they were travelling up from under our house. We would never have found this entry point. Rats have now completely disappeared and Kevin covered the hole with aluminium sheeting.  Cant thank him enough.

Sue Fetcham


We didn`t realise the damage these things actually cause. We started having some building work carried out on our house and to our horror the builder found structural defects in the timber which was literally being eaten away by the ants.  Kevin came out straight away ( on a Saturday ) and within a week all the ants were gone. Perfect job and highly recommended.

Jane Ashtead