The squirrel is seen by many as an attractive and welcome visitor to the garden, but if you are reading this then I would imagine you are having problems.

One of the noisiest and destructive creatures you are likely to experience within the four walls of your home and usually in your loft space. Generally active within the day time but also known to move around at night. Like mice and rats these creatures have to chew to keep their teeth from growing too long, therefore they will chew on rafters and other supporting timbers. They often gain access to the sides of dormers where the fascia boards are left short of the roof tile. Thus once inside the fascia soffit board’s access is easily gained to the loft. They also build dreys within the loft space and tear up your insulation to facilitate this. They have also been known to damage electrical wiring which can be an extremely expensive if your lights suddenly go out!

They regularly have 2 litters per year usually Feb/March and then June/July. They are weaned at 8-10 weeks. If you visit your loft within these breeding periods they are likely to be very aggressive towards you.

For you there can be nothing worse than having your sleep interrupted every night so please give me a call and I will be able to solve your problem fairly quickly so that you can resume a normal sleep pattern.

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HOW WE CAN HELP!We are available to talk to you any time of the day (7am-7pm) to offer advice or take details of your particular pest problem. We will get to you either on the day you telephone or at a time and day that is convenient to you.

During the initial visit I will survey your property (of which you will receive a report) and will lay traps. This is the best method of ensuring they are dealt with humanly and quickly. The traps used have to be checked daily of which I am happy to do. If this is inconvenient then I will rely on you checking them daily. If squirrels have been caught them I will come out, remove and dispose and re-set the traps if I am of the opinion there may be more.

If needs be I will place a motion sensor IR camera in your loft as it is sometimes necessary to ensure that no other creature is lurking around.

Having caught the squirrels it is then extremely important that either you or I deal with the entry points to stop any further problems arising in the future.

Although this is an added cost, it will be cheaper than me dealing with another incursion at a later date.

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