You will have either seen the adult moths `scuttling` up the walls of your property or you will have noticed considerable damage occurring to woollen carpets.

The adults ( depending on food that was consumed as larvae ) will be about 5-7mm in length and straw/golden in colour. Once mated the female lays her eggs amongst the fibres of a suitable food material, usually of animal origin which includes wool/fur/feather etc. The eggs normally take 1-5 weeks to hatch but the temperature has to be above 10C. Once at larval stage it consumes the natural fibres of the carpets/furniture/clothes etc. and can develop into an adult from 2-7 months, but again this depends on temp and humidity.

Good hygiene is essential and regular hoovering will control the larvae and their cases.

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During the initial visit I will survey your property (of which you will receive a report). With the aid of a magnifying glass and a microscope I will be able to identify the problem and if you are not too squeamish you will be able to see the larvae yourself!

Again I like to use a number of integrated methods to eradicate the moths and larvae. This includes nontoxic Diatomaceous Earth/traps /insecticide both natural pyrethrum/synthetic pyrethroid/carbamates and insect growth regulators.

In some circumstances it may not be possible to save your carpets, but this very much depends on how much damage has been caused and how long the moths have been present and of course you have to make that decision!

If carpets are to be removed and replaced always consider using a totally man-made material, as moths will be unable to digest this and will be unlikely to re-infest your home again.

Always wash your clothes at 60 degrees, and those that cannot be washed at this temperature can go in your deep freezer for a couple of days. This will kill all stages of moth.

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