Honeybee Swarms

Honeybee Swarms


A honeybee colony swarming is a natural process. The queen and workers realise that there is not enough room in their current hive so scout bees start searching for a new home. The original queen leaves with a large number of her workers and leaves behind enough bees to tend the old hive who make a number of new queens. The ‘swarm’ is just a stop gap before moving into their new home!

Sometimes the swarm really stands out as it is very noisy and can contain 10’s of thousands of workers.
Most swarms often occur on warm Sunny days from May onwards, and hot sunny days seem preferable for the bees.
If you call me 07704 737740, I am going to ask you a few basic questions, but if you live outside of the Mole Valley area, I will have to charge for travelling.

‘Bee collection’ (of a swarm) is different to ‘bee removal’ (i.e., from a chimney where they have already made a new home. Bee removal can be expensive as it normally involves deconstruction of building materials.

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Part one

To get the bees into a box.

Part two

To return in the evening to remove bees and box.

Prior to swarming bees have usually gorged themselves on honey, this keeps them going for a few days and enables them to carry on feeding their queen. They are normally quite docile whilst in the swarming stage, but unless you have a bee suit, I would stay clear.

Once I have collected the swarm, I will be able to ‘re-hive’ and the bees will be properly cared for by a responsible bee keeper in the Surrey or Sussex areas.

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