Bed Bug

Bed Bug


The bed bug doesn`t care where you live, as long as you are there. Generally nocturnal it will come out when you are sleeping and will locate you by the warmth of your body and the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Once you have been located it just wants to feed on your blood, from any part of your body. It will then retreat into an area it considers safe. This can be anywhere near your bed ranging from plug sockets, furniture, curtains, cracks in walls/skirting boards, mattresses etc., the list is in fact endless!

I always describe these bugs as apple pips with legs, as they are a similar colour, shape and size. They can move fairly quickly across fabric/beds, about the pace of woodlice.

Once mated the female bed bug will lay 3-5 eggs per day and the temperature must remain above 10-13 degrees centigrade to hatch. The adults are extremely resistant to starvation and can survive up to a year without feeding.

In my experience they tend to remain fairly close to the bed/sleeping area. Natures sustainability dictates that it doesn`t make sense to use all its energy getting to and from its host, hence it will be very close by.

It is always advisable to seal any cracks and crevices after treatment.

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HOW WE CAN HELP!We are available to talk to you any time of the day (7am-7pm) to offer advice or take details of your particular pest problem. We will get to you either on the day you telephone or at a time and day that is convenient to you.

I will visit you at least 3 times. During the initial visit I will survey your property (of which you will receive a report).

I personally like to use a number of integrated methods to eradicate the bed bugs. This includes nontoxic Diatomaceous Earth/traps/sticky tape/insecticide both natural pyrethrum/synthetic pyrethroid/carbamates and insect growth regulators.

There are companies that use heat treatment and I do not doubt they are effective, if you can afford the cost, likely to be in 4 figures.

My methods will not rid you in the click of a finger, but they are effective using the best products available for use and authorised by The Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) in the UK.

I am also only going to cost you about a tenth of what heat treatment would be, if not less.

In some circumstances it may not be possible to save your bed, but I will do everything in my power to make it as simple as possible.

Always wash your clothes at 60 degrees, and those that cannot be washed at this temperature can go in your deep freezer for a couple of days. This will kill all stages of bed bug life, adults/nymphs/eggs.


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