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Kevin Selfe

Mole Valley Pest Control LTD

Environmentally friendly Pest Control Services

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About Us

We are a dedicated husband and wife team committed to exceptional pest control service. With RSPH Level 2 certification from the British Pest Control Authority, we’re highly trained.

Based in Fetcham, we have deep roots in the community and proudly serve Leatherhead, Ashtead, Fetcham, and more. Choose us for our price guarantee, local focus, and commitment to the environment. We prioritize public health while striving for harmonious coexistence with creatures.

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Asian Hornets

I`am a team member of the local Asian Hornet Action Team, who respond to sightings of this invasive insect. Please take a photo of anything suspicious and send me a Whatsapp picture – 07704 737740.

These hornets are likely to have a massive impact on our foraging insects in the future.

Honeybee Swarms

As a beekeeper I`am passionate about honey bees. Honey bees have a tendency to swarm in the months of May/June/July. Swarms are usually large and noisy, albeit fairly docile, they are better left alone by those who do not know how to handle them. Once settled, usually on low hanging branches or on a fence, they will send out scouts looking for a new home. The reason we collect these swarms is to prevent them entering cavities/chimneys in our houses. They are then relocated to other beekeepers.

Grey Squirrel

Introduced into Britain in the 1800`s. Generally accepted as a garden/woodland creature, but causes major damage to domestic and commercial properties. Normally has 2 litters or 3- 5 young per year.

Rats & Mice

One of the most prevalent intruders into our homes. Most carry diseases which can cause serious health issues. Rats generally enter our homes via a defect in the sewage system (see below – rat blocker).

Bed Bugs

Most of us have seen the recent news regarding the huge surge in cases across Europe. These insects are already fairly common in our local area and infestations can quickly spread.


Common in most properties (Clothes Moth – Tineola Bisselliella). Damage is usually caused to carpets in darker areas of rooms. Can survive as larvae for several years, at which stage they consume most natural fibres ( wool/cotton etc).

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Kevin came out to our property in January and immediately found where the mice were getting in to our kitchen. Couldn`t believe how smaller hole they could get through. Mice were gone within a week and everything was cleaned and disinfected by him. Great job and very pleased.

S, Fetcham

Called MVPC in February and Kevin came out in no time at all. Dealt with the issues in my garage and outhouse the same day. he then returned a couple more times and my problem rats were dealt with. Really nice chap and always on time and very pleasant

Chris, Chessington

Called Kevin In June this year as we had rats in our garden. It was obvious ( to him ) where they were coming from and he got straight to work. He went far beyond what I expected and even contacted neighbouring properties to get to the bottom of the problem. Really impressed with his enthusiasm ,professionalism and knowledge.


Kevin came to our address within hours of a telephone call and the nest was inactive within hours. A really professional, quick and thorough job. Will always use this company in future, and is a lot cheaper than most. Great job.

Dave, Fetcham

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